6 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date

Kyle and Taran
(Austin and Rachel Photography)

Engaged a little longer than you were expecting? If you’ve had to postpone your wedding due to COVID-19 you are not alone.  Let’s talk about ways you can totally celebrate your original wedding date and make a memory you’ll look back on for a lifetime to come.

First things first, put on something lovely. We’ve been switching between pajamas and leggings for weeks – now slip into something that makes you feel like a rockstar to get the party started.

Now its time to invite a few friends to join you over a virtual cocktail hour – While you might not be able to get together physically, having your loved ones call into your digital date is a great way to take back your day – cheers!

After cocktail hour, set the mood with a few candles and turn on your favorite dinner music. Something about the magic of music that can turn any situation into a better one.

Next up, the menu ! Support a local restaurant and order some of your favorite take out. I love the idea of planning something comparable to what you were going to eat on your wedding day (maybe take out from your caterer if that’s an option?) Dessert too ! I mean come on, you totally deserve it !

Then it’s time to get creative cut out some time in your evening to write a letter to each other, add to your vows, or just journal about these moments together. Plans have a way of crashing mid-flight but it’s the strength of your marriage, not your wedding day, that will keep you together.

End the evening with a the slow dance in your kitchen. Soak in the simplicity. Relish in the fact that even without fancy decorations and 100 other people, the two of you were standing strong celebrating what matters most – each other. We’re all in this together and soon enough we will be reunited with those we love… until then celebrate your story even if it’s from your living room.

Stay well friend



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