My roots are here in Northeast Ohio but my soul will forever desire adventure. Whether that's to the mailbox or across the country, I promise we’re going to have ALL THE FUN ! A mom of two little ladies (who certainly kept me on my toes), I am eager to learn, love, and shed light on the world around me. My husband, who I consider the energizer bunny, encourages our fitness and pushes us to reach our goals each day. I enjoy plants, sunshine and truly believe we can all grow from the dirt we're in. 

Since I have started my entrepreneurship journey, I have discovered my passion for people and desire to bring out their joy in each day. We will create genuine laughter and lasting memories to cherish for a lifetime. I believe in dance parties in my kitchen and family pizza night’s on the living room floor. Your experience with me will transform from photographs to friendship. I cannot wait to hear your story. 

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We throw a party for everything. No more diapers? It's a party. Made the basketball team -party. Started your period - party. I look for ways to make my family feel special - even if it's the smallest milestone. A party doesn't have to mean a group of people. A fun hat, music, and good meal will do the trick ! 

Non-traditional celebrations

 It's so hard for me to pay full price for anything anymore. I usually take about 2 hours a week to see what treasures I can score - Goodwill gal over here! 

Thrifting queen

And there's plenty of video to back that up. I love popping up on my husband or tricking my girls to think there is a spider crawling across the table. 

Master Prankster

Although I love my house full, I certainly enjoy quiet time to myself. I thrive in time alone. It also gives me the mental space and recharge I need. 

I’m a loner

It's nice to get out from time to time - but we have created such a zen in our space it's hard to want to be any place else.


drinking it, being near it, being on it, being in it. Give me all the water.

Lover of water


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Mexican - Self proclaimed queen of queso

Favoite food

Turks and Caicos

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starbucks order

you'll always find me at


Spring - reminds me of my Grandma

Carmel Frap if I’m feeling fancy,
but coffee with cream and sugar is perfect too! 

At home - There are very few places I’d rather be

Dusty Pink





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