A wife, mother, and dreamer who loves serving spaces and celebrations alike, empowering woman along the way. 

We love dance parties in the kitchen and pizza parties on the living room floor. My happy place is somewhere between family snuggle sessions and the feeling of accomplishment after a job well done. Our story isn't perfect, but it is ours and we have learned to love ourselves through the pages. 


Meet Mycha 
Ohio designer & Wedding Planner for kindhearted and joyful couples 

Your wedding day is the beginning step to a life long marriage. We are so honored to be apart of this foundation with our couples. What better to start the rest of your life - without worry. Relax...we have done this time and time again and understand the importance of your day. And we cannot wait to hear your love story! Serving couples for over 15 years.
May we always have a reason to celebrate.  

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Homemaking isn't the Betty Crocker vision we have embellished in our minds. Homemaking is our duty. Our safe place. Our exhale. My home tells a story, thats what makes it beautiful. There is no one size fits all method here. We approach design with intention, to tell your story. No matter the size or shape of your space, it is worthy of your gratitude, because it is yours. 

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