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"Welcome”  –  our front door reads…and we mean it. Where pop by-ers are welcome and the scent of coffee and laundry take turns. Our home tells a story, and I think thats my favorite part. In any room I go in there is a piece of something, that shares a relationship with someone. 

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As a busy mom, I know how overwhelming life can get. The ping of our cell phones, the emails piling up, appointments, by the way has anyone even thought about whats for dinner? And then you walk into a paper mountain on the counter, piles in the basement, and laundry?!?!? Lets not go there right? […]

Make A Plan – Tips for a More Organized Space

January 27, 2020

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Don’t blink right? I use to think days went fast then a whole decade flew by… Happy New Year! Our New Year’s plans are looking real living room-ish. We have a family tradition of staying home and doing something awesome every hour. Okay… so I fib to the kids and call it an hour but […]

Happy New Year! (From our Living Room)

December 31, 2019

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Calling all last minute shoppers! Do you still need a few things to fill under the tree? You know I love a good deal, I love items that function, and buying things just to have more things drives me absolutely crazy. Here are 7 fool proof gifts for everyone in the family – (that will […]

7 Amazon Gift Ideas (that will still arrive by Christmas!)

December 19, 2019