Make A Plan – Tips for a More Organized Space

As a busy mom, I know how overwhelming life can get. The ping of our cell phones, the emails piling up, appointments, by the way has anyone even thought about whats for dinner? And then you walk into a paper mountain on the counter, piles in the basement, and laundry?!?!? Lets not go there right? Lets breath. We all deserve a place to come home to that is beautiful, organized, and easy for the whole family to maintain. Ask yourself, what do you want your home to FEEL like???  No matter your family size, budget or career path – everyone can benefit from clearing our clutter and creating real systems and organizational strategies that actually work. I think it’s time we all start making physical and mental space for what matters most.

Below is a list of 5 tips to make your organization process achievable: 

1.Make a list of all the spaces that need attended to. Being able to cross out a job well done is sooo gratifying.

2.Start with the most overwhelming. Crazy right? But this gives you to momentum to keep going – you’ve got this!!

3.Designate a “get out of here” space – I like to make it close to the door for an easy exit.

Things to get rid of: trash, duplicates, extras, uncanny items, outgrown items, items of the “day”, broken items, and uncomfortable items.

Things to keep: the best, the favorite, the necessary, the treasure.

4. Always store similar items together. This works in your cabinets with boxes or cans and with home storage such as holiday decor, bags, and office supplies.

5. As you declutter, you will find heirlooms – ensure they have have a safe spot moving forward. Check out our favorite “keep sake boxes.” I love having these close by for school accomplishments, pictures, crafts, and more. (Graduation Party prep will be a breeze!!! )

Little by little you will create change and implement systems to maintain it. It is time you start enjoying the white space in your calendar.

Lets get messy!

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