What is Wedding Management?

“So what exactly do you do?”  Understandably, this is a pretty common question. Also known as a wedding planner, wedding coordinator, or wedding management… In just a few words, we maintain the wedding. Let us dive into our top ten of what they really means.

  1. Before your big day even arrives – we make sure to contact with all vendors to confirm arrival and blend all timelines together. I take a lot of pride in giving vendors freedom to do exactly what you hired them to do. We are all on the same team and working together for the same purpose, your best day ever. However, it is imperative we are all on the same page with realistic expectation how the day will flow.
  2. Putting the final details on the reception and ceremony space. Things like: programs, seating cards, table numbers, card box, guest book, seating chart, signage, and more. Styling is one of my favorite pieces of what I do. There is just something about seeing all of the details come together and making your event shine.
  3. Ensure the space is set up as discussed: the correct amount chairs at each table, the welcome table placement is correct, cake table, head table etc.
  4. Distributing the personal flowers, ensuring everyone is in place according to the timeline, and que the wedding party down the aisle.
  5. Responsible for ensuring each person in the wedding party (ushers, greeters, etc.) are fulfilling their responsibilities and that guests are being treated properly.
  6. Queue the music and keep the processional flowing as planned.
  7. Ensure the guests are quickly ushered to the reception venue and the wedding party is at the appropriate place for photos to begin. This is one of the most crucial and overlooked segments of the wedding, but if executed correctly it will ensure a smooth and timely start to the reception.
  8. Ensure cake knife, server, and napkins are ready for cake cutting (and stored away properly afterwards of course!)
  9. Make sure all of the client’s personal property and wedding gifts are properly packed and secured in a vehicle, hotel room or storage room. Plan ahead and have recruit volunteers if there are a lot of items to be packed or stored.
  10. Act as liaison between all the vendors and the bride/groom on the day of the wedding. This will enable the bride/groom to enjoy the day with their friends and family instead of having to chase after vendors. After all, that is why you hired me! It is my duty and privilege to ensure that our client’s vision is implemented.

Annnd many moreee! Ha, but really. Basically all the things. We provide insurance for your wedding day so you can live it out joyfully and soak in every step of the way! If you are like me and would like a little more organization, this planner is one of my favs!

I cant wait to see your magic come to life ! Cheers friend!

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