Happy New Year! (From our Living Room)

Don’t blink right? I use to think days went fast then a whole decade flew by… Happy New Year!

Our New Year’s plans are looking real living room-ish. We have a family tradition of staying home and doing something awesome every hour. Okay… so I fib to the kids and call it an hour but they are still in bed by 9 o’clock. Thank you Netflix for the fake countdown – its a real life saver! One of my favorite activities is the interview we do. I made one (FREE) for your family too!

Click here > 2020 

More of the fun in store includes…

Treasure Hunt – this is a fun way to set the mood! Seek and find some of the activities that will be played throughout the evening.

Decorate- New Years Banner? Hats? Noise makers ? Whatcha got to set up and get this party started. I always suggested buying a set WITHOUT the year on it so they can be used again. This is the set we have…

Time Capsule – (the interview will go inside of it, along with a piece of string for how tall we all are, a family portrait we color together, and other fun odds and ends that represent this year.) Below is super official time capsule, these are cool gifts as well – but a shoe box, mason jar, etc works too!

Volleyball- with a balloon in the living room. This is one of the ideas they will find on their treasure hunt. We also like to tie a balloon to our feet and see if can get get the dogs stirred up enough to pop them – RUN!! The chase is on. Don’t forget to save one through, balloon volleyball is the best!

New Year’s Bingo – if you don’t have it, well ya should. I’ll link the one we have from Amazon. Bingo is the perfect party game for all ages. Just click the image below to add it to your cart.

Dance Party – My personal favorite. We have a disco ball and the whole gig ready to rock! Eeekk! I am so excited. Check out my @mychamichelle story to see our rad dance moves! We bought the whole set up but I’ll link a good starter kit, it really is a party in a box!

And of course we eat Sour Kraut ! Hopefully this year our youngest tries it, but if not there is always next.

It is time to get this party started. What do you and your crew do? Let’s celebrate this new decade together!



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