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"Welcome”  –  our front door reads…and we mean it. Where pop by-ers are welcome and the scent of coffee and laundry take turns. Our home tells a story, and I think thats my favorite part. In any room I go in there is a piece of something, that shares a relationship with someone. 

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Engaged a little longer than you were expecting? If you’ve had to postpone your wedding due to COVID-19 you are not alone.  Let’s talk about ways you can totally celebrate your original wedding date and make a memory you’ll look back on for a lifetime to come. First things first, put on something lovely. We’ve […]

6 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date

May 15, 2020

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“So what exactly do you do?”  Understandably, this is a pretty common question. Also known as a wedding planner, wedding coordinator, or wedding management… In just a few words, we maintain the wedding. Let us dive into our top ten of what they really means. Before your big day even arrives – we make sure […]

What is Wedding Management?

January 15, 2020