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"Welcome”  –  our front door reads…and we mean it. Where pop by-ers are welcome and the scent of coffee and laundry take turns. Our home tells a story, and I think thats my favorite part. In any room I go in there is a piece of something, that shares a relationship with someone. 

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3 Ways To Declutter Distractions

March 20, 2018

  1. Siobhan says:

    Love these suggestions! Our paper piles got so out of control they were threatening to take over the house. I got some banker boxes and have 3 on the high shelf in our coat closet. One for kids projects I want to save, one for keepsakes I want to eventually scrapbook, and one for important papers and bills so I can pull down the box when I’m ready to tackle house administration. Do you have a storage solution for filing important paperwork long term? I also love the get rid of it idea. Holding on to broken or tattered clothes kills my vibe. A smart woman once said, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!” 😉

    • Mycha Sprankle says:

      Hi! Thank you ! Its so easy to let paperwork get on of control if your not proactive with filing solutions.I can’t wait to share what we do inside our kitchen cupboards. For long term storage, we have our important stuff in a fire-proof/water proof/key lock safe that tucks away nicely. It also holds hard drives, a few kids birth items, etc. The rest is stationed on a cutesy wall 3 file mount I found at Home Goods. So it depends on my need to access it. We were able to go through a ton of it and pitched lots. Thanks for checking out the blog! Can’t wait to share more & really appreciate your feed back!!

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